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Return on Investment

There is a compelling value proposition for outsourcing statements and other financial documents. Improved cost savings and operational efficiencies, increased revenues, and improved customer satisfaction are measurable and verifiable return on investment (ROI) variables. There is little reason not to consider a quality provider for outsourcing this aspect of your business.

According to a survey of executives attending the IDC Midwest Conference in September 2008, nearly 9 out of 10 outsourcing programs pay for themselves. More than 1 in 4 save companies twice as much as they invest.

Alpha Omega’s outsourced statement solutions provide a high ROI by:

  • Eliminating costs associated with:
    • Onsite management of statement printing and mailing
    • Initial investments in purchasing and installing equipment
    • Frequent technological upgrades
    • Internal training and staff resource allocations
  • Providing a quicker turnaround
  • Reducing customer service calls
  • Providing targeted marketing messages directly on monthly statements, e-statements and envelopes

Research also shows that nearly 50% of monthly statements have a negative impact on the customer relationship due to poor design and customer confusion. This is easily improved with a redesigned statement intended to improve clarity, format and customer perception of your company.

Did you know that monthly statements have the highest open rate of any customer communications piece? 98% of users read their monthly statements once and 85% read them twice. And studies show that 80% of new business to financial institutions comes from existing customers. This data supports the fact that printing targeted promotional messages directly on monthly statements and envelopes can have a huge impact and is far more effective that traditional inserts which are often discarded.

Alpha Omega can show you how statement outsourcing will provide a proven return on investment. We will show you how to reduce revenue leakage and runaway costs, improve clarity and optimize your marketing efforts to improve response and drive revenue growth.

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