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e-MAX Electronic Presentation of Statements,
Checks and Marketing Materials

Increase member satisfaction with online access to statements and checks and reduce costs.


  • Reduced printing costs
  • Reduced postage costs
  • Enhanced member satisfaction with greater data accessibility
  • Greater competitive position with e-checks and online brochures/newsletters
  • Response tracking when newsletters and brochures are posted electronically on your website


  • e-statements can work inside or outside of your home baking.
  • Continuity of look and feel between paper and e-statements is achieved to maintain member comfort levels with:
    • Home banking and statement distribution
    • Share drafts
    • Loan notices (HELOCS and others)
    • Tax returns
    • Visa
  • Specialized software automates a member’s checks with his/her share statement.. All checks are immediately available with a single mouse click for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Position of check summaries can be customized to the needs of the financial institution.
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