Alpha Omega Solutions - About us

Why Alpha Omega?

Since 1979, Alpha Omega has helped credit unions, financial institutions and other businesses reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and utilize a new and effective marketing channel through outsourced statement solutions. Headquartered in Shreveport, LA, 350 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico, Alpha Omega’s nationwide offerings range from turn-key services to fully customized statement solutions - each designed to improve efficiency and the business’s bottom line.


Benefits of Alpha Omega outsourced statement solutions include:

Quick Turnaround:

  • An FTP server handles large data files facilitating faster receipt of data, processing, printing, and mailing of your statements.
  • Multiple printers prevent unnecessary downtime and speed up production.
  • 24/7 mail processing includes weekends and holidays.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Bottom Line:

  • Our unique statement format improves clarity for reduced customer service calls.
  • Advertising messages printed on envelopes provide for immediate headline viewing without reliance on statement opening. Messages printed on statements and e-statements reduce inserts to reduce postage costs, provide an additional revenue stream (with third-party advertising), and increase member response with greater visibility.
  • Targeted, customized marketing messages provide upsell opportunities and increase customer retention.
  • Our license-free statement CD, improves efficiency of data retrieval, thereby lowering operating costs, increasing customer satisfaction, and providing portability for disaster back up.
  • Full consulting services identify areas of wasted spending or revenue leakage.
  • Ongoing weight control to manage overweight postage costs and allow for more inserts.

Greater Competitive Position with Online Statements, Checks and Marketing Materials:

  • With online presentation of statements and consolidated grouping of checks, overall costs are further reduced while financial data accessibility to customers is enhanced.
  • E-checks enable you to be competitive with other financial institutions and attract more business and can be included in your small business plan. By attracting small business you not only get new business but you grow your field of membership.
  • By posting newsletters and brochures electronically on your website you eliminate printing costs and enable response tracking.

Our Full Range of Alpha Omega MAXSM Services Include:

  • Data reprocessing for giving your statement a facelift
  • Restructuring of the statement
  • Laser printing of financial statements and other financial documents
  • Duplex printing
  • E-statements/e-checks/e-tax statements
    (1099, 1099I, 1099R, 5498, 1098, 1098I, etc.)
  • Electronic billing
  • Custom programming applications
  • Custom software development for CD, DVD, & e-commerce
  • Archival/disaster backup
  • Web development
  • Data transmission
  • Brochure & newsletter production
  • Year-end tax printing, mailing, online posting and archiving
  • Direct mail
  • Targeted marketing messages
  • Consulting for reduction of bottom line expenses
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