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Company Background

Alpha Omega was founded in 1979 as Four States Micrographics in Texarkana, TX. Needing a more central location, the company moved to Shreveport, LA in 1983, was renamed Alpha Omega C.O.M., and offered full micrographics services. In 1990, services were expanded to include laser (electronic) printing and have since broadened to include e-services - check imaging, and uploading statements, tax returns and checks to the Internet as well as data reprocessing and reformatting.

Alpha Omega specializes in custom programming applications to include relational database design. A full range of turn-key services are also offered. Currently operating within 10,000 square feet of space, we have a full operating potential of 29,000 square feet to serve our growth. Our customer base ranges from the East Coast to Hawaii.






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