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PrintMAX High Quality & High Capacity Printing

Experience quicker turnaround, increased flexibility and improved cost-effectiveness with outsourced statements.


  • On-demand laser printing
    • Statements and other financial, medical and general documents
    • Duplex printing
    • Newsletters & brochures
    • Direct mail
    • Year-end tax printing/mailing
    • Statement compression
    • Multiple statement consolidation
    • Statement redesign
  • No capital investment for increased flexibility and improved cost-effectiveness
  • Quick turnaround
    • An FTP server handles large data files facilitating faster receipt of data, processing, printing, and mailing of your statements
    • Multiple printers prevent unnecessary downtime and speed up production
    • 24/7 mail processing includes weekends and holidays.
  • Confidentiality and Data Security:
    • SAS-70 certified to meet NCUA requirements
    • Monitored 24/7 by Secure Works to ensure data integrity and security
    • Ability to mask, adjust or delete unwanted or sensitive data in your statement
    • Quality controls to catch paginations (more than one member/customer in the same envelope), unsealed envelopes, etc., before they reach the post office
    • Member privacy is held to the highest regard and kept sacred during all mail processing
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