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DataMAX User-Friendly Statement Design with Data & Space Optimization

Are you leveraging your monthly statement and e-statement as a marketing tool yet?


  • Improved readability
  • Improved clarity/reduced confusion
  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Fewer support calls
  • Fewer pages and lower weight = lower postage and printing costs
  • Consolidated mailings

The Reality

  • Statements and e-statements have the highest open rate of any customer communication piece
  • Less than 10% of statements fully support marketing and customer service objectives
  • Nearly 50% have a negative impact on customer relationships
  • Bad statements drive more call center contacts and erode client perception

The Opportunity

  • A redesigned statement that is clear and concise
  • Improved member satisfaction
  • An effective marketing tool
  • Cost-effective or even cost-neutral
  • Professionally formatted statement using the latest technology to reduce human error and enhance image

Sample Redesign

Sample Redesign

Sample Redesign


Consulting Services:

  • Alpha Omega works with your business to redesign your statements to be clear, concise, aesthetically pleasing and to support your brand objectives
  • Weight reduction and ongoing weight management recommendations are made

Data Reformatting:

  • A redesigned and reformatted custom statement not only enhances readability and customer satisfaction but makes it more efficient when mailing with paper and email o Alpha Omega works at the raw data level enabling adjustments and compensation for inadequacies of data problems
  • Techniques are employed that allow for more lines per page to create a lighter, leaner statement resulting in fewer pages and reduced postage


  • Ability to mask, adjust or delete unwanted or sensitive data
  • Quality controls to catch paginations, unsealed envelopes, etc., before they reach the post office
  • Redesign restructures statements to minimize confidential information that occurs on portions of the statements that may split off
  • Member privacy is held to the highest regard and kept sacred during all mail processing

Statement Compression & Consolidation:

  • Statements can often be compressed by 40-80% by duplex printing and eliminating redundant disclosures to save on paper and postage costs and to enhance member privacy
  • Separate data fields can be appended and merged to include multiple accounts associated with a single member
  • Credit cards, loan notices and year-end taxes may be placed in a single envelope to reduce costs associated with multiple mailings

CD Archival of All Merged Files:

  • License-free
  • Can be used on multiple workstations and any windows-based computer
  • Provides backup in the event of disaster
  • Is portable
  • Can be copied to the network for communication between branches
  • Improved communication and efficiency
  • Lower operational costs

Page Reduction

Page Reduction illustration

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